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Here at Southland Enclave you find a small scale urban residential community. The community features just 14 units and one main roadway to access all units. The developers took the time out to create a community that is top of the line. By keeping the development small they were able to provide all units with high end design features and amenities in each townhouse. Each unit comes with spacious interiors and are ready for cable, internet and telephone.

Each townhouse features their very own double car garage which is a necessity for most modern families. Most developments otherwise only provide a single garage with families having to opt to park on the street if they have more than one vehicle. Not here at Southland Enclave, both adults/parents can have their vehicles safely parked on their property at all times. Each unit also includes a maid’s room which is essential to a modern family that has a busy everyday life where both adults work and don’t have the time necessary for one to be the homemaker. With this provision you can have your maid at home when you can’t be while having the privacy and separation you both need since they will have their very own living space separate and apart from yours.

You can feel very safe inside the property lines here at Southland Enclave as they property features 24 hours security. This is a handy and very welcome feature of the community that gives residents and potential resident’s peace of mind so they know they are choosing a safe place to purchase their homes and raise their families. The community is gated and manned with CCTV coverage at strategic locations within the community to keep a watchful eye over you and your family and your investment as well.

Within the community you will find a jogging track for all who want to keep up their fitness levels. The track can also be used for leisurely walks with the family members as well and is not dedicated solely to jogging or running. You can enjoy a leisurely stroll in the evening as the sun comes down with you and your family members as you get some time to be outside and enjoy some fresh air.

As it relates to community facilities and amenities there are none here at Southland Enclave. But that is not a big issue due to the prime location of the property. Thanks to the property’s location you can easily find entertainment for you and your entire family close by, even within walking distance depending on what you want to do in your leisure time. You can find everything you and your family can enjoy doing when you have some free time to spend together even if not within walking distance but just a couple minutes’ drive by car.

  • Gated community
  • CCTV
  • Jogging track
  • 24/7 security
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