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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Unit A ₱ 6,216,000 94 sqm
Unit F ₱ 5,901,000 94 sqm
Unit H ₱ 5,838,000 94.6 sqm
Unit I ₱ 5,838,000 92.6 sqm
Unit J ₱ 4,945,500 88.2 sqm
Unit K ₱ 5,638,500 96 sqm
Unit L ₱ 5,953,500 120 sqm
Unit M ₱ 5,008,500 82 sqm
Unit N ₱ 6,667,500 180 sqm

Step 1 - Reservation of 50k

Step 2 - Downpayment of 20% (Payable in 12 months)  

Step 3 – 80% Balance through Bank Financing


Spot downpayment - 3% discount, balance loanable from a financing institution.

20% payable in 11 months,

80% balance through bank financing


The Southland Enclave is designed for the modern family that has an on the go and busy lifestyle. The location is perfect because you are right in the city but you are still enclosed in a small and intimated gated community. With everything close by and even some within walking distance you won’t miss the facilities and amenities that are not present here that you may find on other housing developments. The location is great and the property is made to the finest requirements.

Next Asia Land has provided you the opportunity to purchase a home that provides you with exceptional value for money, right in the city. These are homes geared towards the successful professionals who must mix family and business life in the right amounts to achieve work and family life balance. And this is just the place to get that done. You won’t have to commute far to get to work and back neither will you have to commute far to get all your necessary essentials to completely all tasks necessary for the life of your family and all their day to day needs.

Investing in a home at the Southland Enclave is an excellent choice. You get exceptional value for money with a modern, spacious home with all the features and amenities that will make your home life convenient and comfortable. In a gated community you can always feel safe and with just 14 units you will never feel like you are a in a cramped and crowded city residential development.


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